All about smoke extractor:

As the name suggests, a kitchen smoke extractor is used to extract smoke from the kitchen. While preparing, smoke is produced. Not only smoke but the burning of natural gas also produces the oxides of nitrogen and Sulphur. These oxides must go out of the kitchen so that the cook’s health is not compromised. Moreover, the vapors produced while preparing the food increase the kitchen’s temperature. To resolve all these issues, a smoke extractor is used. A smoke extractor works like a chimney. All the smoke goes into the extractor and is carried out from the kitchen. In some of the extractors, there are filters inside it. These filters filter the smoke and send the filtered air back into the kitchen.

Types of smoke extractors:

There are mainly two types of smoke extractors. One is called an extraction hood, and the other is a recirculation hood.

  1. Extraction hood takes the smoke out of the kitchen and the harmful gases produced by burning fossil fuels. It uses a fan which takes away all the smoke from the kitchen. Extraction hoods are usually made up of cast iron as it is continuously exposed to air and moisture, so the material of construction is so that it does not rust. The extractor generally has a duct which starts from the kitchen stove and ends in the atmosphere. The fan uses much power to take out all the smoke. It also helps in regulating the temperature of the kitchen.
  2. The recirculation hood has filters inside it. These specially designed filters are capable of capturing the harmful gases that are produced by the burning of fossil fuels. These filters not only capture these toxic gases but also filter the smoke. As smoke becomes free of harmful gases and other materials, the air is reticulated into the atmosphere. It focuses less on regulating the temperature of the kitchen. Unlike the extraction hood, the toxic gases are not released into the atmosphere but captured in the filter, making this hood more eco-friendly. It is also made up of cast iron or stainless steel, which remains in permanent contact with air and moisture.


The inside of the smoke extractor becomes black because of smoke and other gases. If cleaning and maintenance of the extractor are not done on time, it may get blocked and not work correctly. For this purpose, the carbon filters of the recirculation hood, which filters the smoke, must be replaced every nine months. If not replaced, they’ll not work correctly, harmful gases with smoke will be recalculated in the kitchen, and it may compromise the cook’s health.


A kitchen smoke extractor is used for extracting the smoke from the kitchen. It has two types. One is the extractor which recirculates the smoke in the kitchen by filtering it, and another takes out all smoke from the kitchen. Maintenance is required for both extractors; otherwise, they will become useless. Smoke extractors are of different designs. Each design is unique, but the working principle in all extractors is the same.



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